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Alice is a poet, an over-thinker, a taker of average photographs, a worrier and dreamer, a story teller, a story collector, an avid tea-drinker, a purveyor of fine rums, a music addict, a cuddler of cats, a wife (amazingly, surprisingly, wonderfully), an occasional belly-rubber of the best cat EVER (Herr Gruber von Bloxsberg III), a feminist, a fan of carefully placed swear-words, a geek, a dork, a nerd, a movie buff, the queen of the Introverts, a capricorn, a lover of pizza, a daughter of a once-librarian, a daughter of a once-here dad, was once a transport planning consultant (which was cooler than it sounds, honestly), is less cool than she wants you to believe, a university drop out, a chaser of words, a believer in magic, a believer in people.

Alice’s poetry often rhymes, but not always, and when it does, not always in the way you think it should. Try not to let this upset you too much. It’s not worth the stress, honestly. As a music lover and nerd, there are often references to music, lyrics and other pop culture scattered throughout these poems. Often, entire songs have shaped poems -check out the “My Inspiration” page to see some of the playlists and songs that have been integral.  These poems are about life, about love and loss and hope and fear, and a million little things in between.

Alice wants you to know that she’s not a fan of writing in third person.


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