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I’m rubbish at beginnings, Start in the middle and work back, So I’ll start at “I do” and go back to “will you?” Or maybe “hello”, ‘Cause I wanna go to all the places again, Throw myself off the ledge again, Just for the sheer thrill of falling. I wanna remember it all. I wanna remember The night we crossed the river, When I shivered like sodium street lights Reflecting and collecting half-written love letters I didn’t know how to write then, But maybe one day I might, And knew I’d never been out of my depth before, Never had my words ripped from my breath before. I wanna remember the pier, Clear skies, hair and smiles flung wide, Kite tails that flailed and donuts on fingers. I wanna linger…
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and so they ran faster

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At eighteen, I waited outside a room full of strangers, too scared to knock on the door and go in. It’s a strange place for a poem, or a friendship, or whatever this is, to begin, But we went in together. Clever. I was too scared to seem nervous; you were too nervous to be lost. We were tossed together like water and flour but rose into phoenixes. We found there was nothing that could not be solved with sandwiches and Kleenexes And an ample supply of sardonic wit. There were some things that didn’t fit, Could not be healed with tea or plasters, But when the demons caught up you taught me to run faster. We made a good team, And I seem to always remember you in that…
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