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I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to pull together this Book Trailer for my newly published poetry collection “Fear Country” – available to buy right now by clicking this link here.

This short film has been a labour of love, featuring an excerpt from my poem “From The Ashes” (performed by me). Film footage and photography by me, along with some additional royalty free stock images (no attribution required).

Music: Royalty free, “Someday” by Alexander Delarge from Fugue (


  • Clive R

    Alice, when I first downloaded you book on Kindle, I read it through in one sitting into the early hours of the morning being unable to put it down. Since then, I have returned many times, each time finding “new sparks” that have taken hold (of my heart). Thank you. A fabulous debut collection, well complemented by this trailer. I wish you every future success. NB. I posted a review on Amazon. It appears on, but not on And vice-versa for your reviews. You might want to take it up with Amazon 🙂

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