Yellow Is A Sunshine Colour

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I’m filling up my home with yellow.
I’m filling my lungs with burnished well-worn hellos
Instead of the long drawn out shadow-and-dust goodbyes,
I’m drawing down the sun one golden sunset at a time,
I’m buying armfulls of sunflowers,
I’m adorning myself like a goddess in gold and cinnamon,
Instead of my native black and silver secrets.
I’m filling vases with corn and wheat-grass
I’ve started singing in the evenings,
Filling creeping shadows with mellow jazz.
I’m lighting anything that’ll burn,
I’m turning sunshine on a dime,
Hoping to unwind the doubt that always
Seems to knot itself in sheepshanks
Beneath my kitchen sink.
I’m drinking amber-coloured rum
In some bar somewhere by a river,
I’m laying honey prayers on parched lips,
I’m dripping butter on every inch of this life like
This August lion is my homeboy,
Like Oshun is dancing peacock feathers and pyrite
Somewhere beneath my birdcage breastbone.
I am filling my home
With so much sunshine
There’s a goddamn rainbow on every surface,
And if you sense a quiet desperation in my
Chasing of the light,
Perhaps you’ll understand,
I still feel the ash and sand shifting somewhere
Below the high tide line.
I know the balance wire of ebb and flow,
And right now, while I can
I’m basking in a glow I’ve never before let in.
I’m just trying to fill my coffers to last
Through the long grey drought of winter.

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